Home Appliances

water dispensers

Hot & cold water dispensers

Low Power consumption

Air filtering

No pollution

Power 550w hot / 75w cold

Induction Cooker

Computarised Induction Cookers

Non fire cooking

Auto pan detection

Auto power save

No smoke

Different cooking mode

Stylish design

Tea & coffee machine

Tea & coffee machine

Super compact

Tea, coffee & hot water.

Separate nozzles.

Low power consumption

Mobile jammer

Mobile jammer

No harm to human health

All kinds of mobile band jamming (3g/gsm/cdma)

Excellent frequency stability

Wall mountable

mini fridge

Mini Fridge

Capacity = 15-litres

Working temperature - 10°c to 60°c

Power consumption = 500w (hot) and 60w (cold)

Power supply - 220v ac / 12v dc

Weight - 5.5 kg

Safe lockers

Safe lockers

3 to 8 digit number lock

High security

Manual override key

Intruder tampering

Using 4 no’s of AA size batteries